Sometimes in life, you find a special friend or a group of friends. I love my friends! My friends are very important to me because they are my support group. We don’t have any family in the area (we’re transplants!) so good friendships are essential.

We’ve moved too many times to count. I have become a pro at moving and trying to find new friends. It’s easier (in my opinion) to make friends when you have children. Yet, when we moved here we didn’t have any children. That made it a bit harder. We immediately started visiting churches once we unpacked all of our boxes. We jumped right into a marriage class at church, and would you believe this… on the first day we had to tell where we were from… I heard a woman name my hometown in South Carolina and my head shot up!!! What are the odds that in Iowa, I would meet someone from Greenville, South Carolina??? Of course, a friendship occurred that led to other friendships. Eventually, we joined Harvest Bible Chapel and through small group and bible studies I met a ton of other moms and friends. I’ve also made friends through story time at the library (once SG, my now two year old, came along). I have connected with moms through Stroller Strides and MOPS. They are all great!

I have bonded with and cried with my friends. I leaned on their shoulders while I sobbed about our journey through infertility. I called a friend and could barely speak, when 11 weeks pregnant I started cramping and bleeding and thought I was miscarrying (it was a hemorrhage and healed!). I’ve rejoiced with friends and watched love and a marriage bloom. I’ve walked with friends through their infertility. We’ve worked out together, complained together, prayed together, and laughed together. We’ve taken our children to various classes together. We’ve gone on an overnight spa trip. I cried when my dear friend left for another country and rejoiced when she came back. And all of this since we’ve been in Iowa. I’ve been incredibly blessed by all of the friends who have been in my life.

My best advice to anyone looking for friends is to put yourself out there! Go places and talk to someone. You never know when just saying a shy “Hi” to someone can turn out to be the best friend of your life! Of course, it’s scary, because you’re putting yourself out there. And not every friendship you initiate will work out. And sometimes friendships end and there’s pain. But there’s also reward! A beautiful friendship is very much a treasure. To all of my friends out there, thanks for being my friend! I know I’m not always perfect, but I love you all and treasure each and every one of you.

How did you meet your friends? Do you live in your hometown and have lifelong friends and family close by? Or are you a transplant like me and need to make friends? Whatever your circumstance, cheers to good friends!


2 thoughts on “Friendships

  1. Ellie! You are too sweet. I think you are one of my first true friends that I made as an adult (out of college). How funny is that to say. Anyways, love you and so glad The S’s are a part of our lives now. It took me forever to join Stroller Strides, and now I’m SO glad I did!

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