Chicken Drumsticks: Cook It Once, Use It 3 Different Ways


Want to make your dollar hollah? Okay, that’s so cheesy but I couldn’t resist. Because I really did make my dollar holler! I scored a great deal on chicken drumsticks last weekend… sixty-nine cents a pound. You heard me. Now hollah! I just can’t stop myself… Seriously, though. Here’s what happened.

Sixty-nine cents a pound was an amazing deal I could not resist. I like drumsticks but am not a good drumsticks cooker. That is, until I found a good recipe in a cookbook, which happens to be an online blog too! It’s a wonderful and delicious way to cook drumsticks and make them so tender. The recipe is “Slow Cooker 20 to 40 Clove Garlic Chicken.” Don’t panic about the amount of garlic- they remain whole. It’s worth making! Check out Stephanie O’Dea’s blog for the recipe.

I bought two big packages of drumsticks which cost about $6-7 total. I invited friends over for dinner and fixed some gourmet sides… frozen french fries and steam in the bag broccoli. At least I warned them ahead of time that the fare would be simple. The point is, seven people ate lots of drumsticks for dinner. The next day the Huzz took three drumsticks to work for lunch. Two meals! Score!

It gets better. I made this homemade cream of chicken soup from Once A Month Mom. I used the leftover chicken for this soup (with almond milk and safe margarine.) Three uses! Score! By the way, the recipe shows how to accommodate food allergies- a major plus in my book! This is an AMAZING website!

We usually would just eat the leftover drumsticks for dinner the next night. I don’t really re-purpose leftovers. However, I had made this awesome stir fry from Ally’s Sweet and Savory Eats a few weeks ago, and instantly knew I had to use this chicken for her stir fry. Check out the recipe here. It uses lots of fresh veggies. The Huzz LOVES this stir fry. The only changes I made were to use my leftover chicken instead of cooking some fresh, added just a sprinkle of red pepper flakes, and halved the black pepper. Four meals! Quadruple score!!!

I cannot believe how far those two, very inexpensive packages of drumsticks stretched. What about you, friend? How do you stretch your budget? Do you look for the deals and try to find different ways to use the same meat? I’m always looking for more ways to make my dollar hollah. Heehee. There I go again!

P.S. There are no photos because I didn’t even know I was going to write about this. I didn’t have leftovers either, to photograph, because we ate every last little bit of everything I made! I ran to the store today and found the drumsticks still on sale! Now I have a photo! 🙂

14 thoughts on “Chicken Drumsticks: Cook It Once, Use It 3 Different Ways

  1. So happy you like my recipe! Another tip I’ve recently found is how to stretch ground beef. Simply use 1/2 lb. of ground beef instead of the full lb. and replace the other missing 1/2 of meat with mushrooms! Yes, I said mushrooms. But the key is to grate them on a cheese grater first – so they are really fine and pretty much resemble the cooked ground beef. Cook the beef up first, drain the grease, add in the grated mushrooms, heat through and viola! More bang for your buck and even if you aren’t a mushroom fan, they just end up tasting “meaty”.

    • That is a GREAT idea! I often buy mushrooms for a recipe and have a lot leftover. I’m not a big mushroom person, but chopped up like this and hidden in ground beef is a great way to use the rest of the mushrooms I usually trash. Did you know at one of our local Hy-Vees (not sure if all do this) they take $1 off per pound of the ground beef and ground chuck after 8 pm? Mushrooms plus the discounted beef equals a super way to stretch the budget! I will try this soon. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’ve never made chicken drumsticks at home but I do enjoy using the slow cooker. If I find these on sale I’ll have to give it a try. I like how you listed other ways that the leftovers could be used.

  3. I find whole chicken is usually really affordable. I get two dinners, and enough chicken bits for chicken salad, from one chicken. 69 cents a lb is AMAZING! I love it when I get 89 cents a lb. GO ELLIE!

  4. This is awesome stretching! Love it! You know, you can go back and buy some more – more than you could ever imagine eating – and cook it up in the crockpot in big batches. Then just pick the meat off, portion it into 2 cup servings in Ziplocs, and freeze it. Then you’ll have homemade chicken whenever you need it for a recipe. Plus, you can throw all the bones and gunk back in the crockpot, add water, and voila – homemade chicken broth! (Which I also freeze in 2 cup servings!) That way, you’ll still be eating .69 cent chicken in 7 or 8 months. Happy dance!

    • That’s a great idea! I went back yesterday and bought one more package. I prepared according to the garlic recipe and froze it. Hopefully it will work out when I toss it in the crockpot. I probably should get more!

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