I Love Index Cards


imageMy latest little craze is falling in love with index cards. Sound weird? I’ll tell ya why.

I’m a list maker. I like to make lists of things to do, things to cook, things to bake, grocery lists, etc. Even though I have an iPhone, I just don’t like making lists on it. I’m a little old-fashioned. I like having a list in my hand. And I feel so satisfied when I cross it out in a nice, bold blue Sharpie.

I’ve used sticky notes (too small and too sticky!), cute customized note pads (love this but it gets expensive- unless it’s a gift!), and most recently, INDEX CARDS! I’ve realized how awesome and versatile these sturdy little cards are. And by the way, for about eighty-five cents I get a 100 of them… So affordable!


I use them for everything. I keep them tucked away in my “junk drawer”. I especially love that SG can manhandle this list while we’re grocery shopping and it still keeps a decent shape. I get the slightly larger than normal index cards, lined. I even use them to jot down some recipe creations and keep them taped inside my spice cupboards.


I know I’ll discover some more great uses for index cards. 🙂 What about you, my friend? Do you have a little something you use that makes life easier? For me, it’s my index cards with Sharpie markers. Please share!

3 thoughts on “I Love Index Cards

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