The Challenge Update


I’m a former public school teacher turned homemaker, so I’m good at evaluating and assigning grades. For this challenge, however, I’ve had a hard time evaluating myself. So, I pulled out the calculator: 78%. I earned a C. Not terrible, not great. I was hoping for an A.

Let me focus on the positives.

My Victories:

  • I only went out to eat once for lunch.
  • I spent more intentional time with SG.
  • I kept the house tidy.
  • I spent more time in prayer and reading the bible, although not every single day.
  • I greeted the Huzz with a kiss every afternoon.
  • I was motivated to tidy up (fold clothes, do dishes, etc, during naptime) so I could blog and have time on Facebook.
  • I cooked dinner every night except date night.

My Struggles:

  • I went to the grocery store 3 or 4 times last week…that’s AFTER I made what I thought was a thorough list for my “first and only trip.” Ha!
  • Connect with the Huzz after SG’s bedtime.

I’m glad I challenged myself. I’ve learned a few things. Everyone’s life is different. Just because I read something on someone’s blog doesn’t mean it’s right for me. (As much as I loved that post!!!) I felt like a withering flower, trying to stay home all week. And by the way, something popped up every day. Seriously… we left home Monday-Friday.

I did have some wonderful and precious moments because of this challenge. Little things I caught myself agreeing to do because of those two index cards challenging me on my fridge.

A simple little moment: SG spread out two couch pillows on the floor and asked me to sit on one while she sat on the other. “Let’s sit on the pillows together and drink our smoothies!” Before the challenge, I would probably have said no (too much housework to do at that moment or I need to do ___ first.) Instead, I said yes, sat, and savored the moment, complete with my two year old beaming because I focused all of my attention on her.

The Huzz came home from work and I forgot to give him a kiss: “Where’s my kiss?” he asked.

The Huzz and I zoned out after bedtime several nights in a row before I said, “Hey, we’re supposed to be connecting!” We decided to sit down and have coffee together after SG goes to bed and just chat. We haven’t done it every night, but it has been wonderful! I enjoy having his undivided attention.

Good things. Positive things.

The Huzz and I discussed my week in review. In general, I keep the house clean, I’ve been cooking more, SG is happy, loved, and well rounded, I keep to my weekly eating out budget, and I love my husband. We both agreed that our life is very blessed. Yes, I can make small changes. Can’t we all? There’s always room for improvement. But, I need to be who God created me to be. After all, I am “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14). And I will rest in that truth.

I will end by saying I’m glad I did this. I learned some things about myself and was encouraged by the Huzz encouraging me to be who I am. I LOVE that man!!!

Until next time, my friend.

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