Happiness Is…


I received an email invite to a toddler’s birthday party and immediately thought, “Rats, I can’t take SG. Too many allergens. It’s not fun for either of us when I hover over her and get stressed and don’t let her touch anything. I don’t want her to cry again when she eats a different cupcake.”

I clicked on the invite and read it anyway. No sense in delaying my responding “No.”

Happiness is reading that a friend is having a DAIRY FREE AND EGG FREE birthday party for her non allergic child so my very allergic child can attend.

Happiness is a friend asking others in an invite to NOT bring dairy products to the party.

Happiness is tears of joy springing to my eyes when someone goes out of their way to keep my child safe.

Happiness is friends who love you and care for you and your family.

To say my cup runneth over is an understatement.

Thank you, my dear sweet friend. You have touched me SO deeply. You are loved.

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