Dairy Free and Egg Free Pepperoni Pizza


I’m so excited to have a YUMMY and safe pizza that uses a cheese substitute that doesn’t taste like cardboard.  Yay!  I have heard about Daiya “cheese” products, but didn’t want to spend the money on the cheese.  I have been converted.  I’m a believer.

After successfully eating a “grilled cheese” using the Daiya cheddar wedge, I decided to take the plunge and try their imitation mozzarella cheese shreds.

Here’s how I made our pizza:



I made the pizza sauce using this recipe from Once A Month Mom. It literally takes 2-3 minutes to make. So easy.

1. Make pizza sauce recipe. Click here to see it. (I omit the red pepper flakes and cut the black pepper in half.)
2. Pre-heat oven and pre-bake the crust according to Pillsbury’s directions.
3. Spread pizza sauce on partially baked pizza crust. Spread Daiya mozzarella shreds, pepperoni, and top with desired spices. The Huzz sprinkled some garlic powder, oregano, and salt and pepper  on our pizza.
4. We baked the pizza an additional 10 minutes, as the Pillsbury crust instructions recommended.

And we held our breath…

And ended up with this!

Doesn’t it look DELICIOUS?

Here’s what SG’s portion looked like. She’s not too keen on cheese yet, because she’s only been eating Daiya cheese for a few days. She’ll get used to it. We LOVE it!

3 thoughts on “Dairy Free and Egg Free Pepperoni Pizza

  1. I loved Daiya when I was dairy free! So glad it worked for your family! I liked to think of it as my pizza-holder-together. hehe

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