Milk in Hand Soap???


We are almost done potty training SG. Hip, hip, HOORAY! This now means, however, that we must visit every public restroom in every store at least once- sometimes two or three times! I’ve wondered if the various hand soaps we’ve used have been safe or not. Since the hand soaps are attached to the wall, I have not been able to check or know if they are safe or not.

SG has not broken out or reacted to any hand soaps. I do not have her scrub her hands as much as she does at home- just in case. A quick suds when we’re out and I rinse her off as fast as I can.

A few days ago, we went to Ulta and of course, SG “had” to go potty when she saw the bathroom. Fast forward to washing our hands… Ulta actually had a bottle of soap from their store for use and it was the only soap option. I grabbed the soap and read the ingredients…It had LACTOSE in it. Lactose in hand soap? Sigh. We obviously couldn’t use the soap. I marched into the break room (Hey, there was no one around and the door was open.) I explained our situation and that the hand soap had MILK in it. We went through the soaps in the store and found a safe one for us to use to wash our hands. Problem solved. (Thanks to the Ulta manager who helped us. I truly appreciate it!!!)

However, I am now hesitant to use soaps when we’re out. Yes, she’s been fine. But really, it’s not worth the risk.

I thought about it all that afternoon. Here’s what I came up with for a solution. I went to Target and bought a Purell hand sanitizer in a gel sling. I took it home, squeezed out all of the sanitizer, washed it out with soap and water, and then (ever so carefully) squeezed in safe hand soap. Wow, the opening to the Purell bottle is teeny. Proceed carefully!

I attached it to the outside of my purse with the gel sling. Coincidentally, we use a clear hand soap so it looks like I’m carrying around hand sanitizer. Not that I really care, but it’s kind of cool it worked out that way.


We now have an easy way to carry around safe hand soap.

What about you, friend? Have you had problems with any kind of dairy or nuts in hand soaps? How do you work around it? Please share.

3 thoughts on “Milk in Hand Soap???

  1. We’ve never had any issues with hand soap in public. But, I don’t let my son who is dairy allergic use any creamy soap-those are typically the ones that will have milk protein in it. If I’m not sure we just rinse with water really well and not worry about it too much, or hit the hand sanitizer in the van. Good idea on putting soap in the hand sanitizer bottle!

  2. I refill hand sanitizer bottles too, but there are also little solid soaps that come in a lip balm tube and are unscented and dairy free.

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