Baked in Egg Food Challenge

The Egg designed by my very talented graphic designer- my brother!

The Egg designed by my very talented graphic designer- my brother!

Tomorrow morning we have a baked in egg challenge for SG at the allergist’s office.

I’m excited and terrified at the same time.

I felt weird purchasing eggs today.

I’ve overthought even the cracking of the egg. Raw egg isn’t being tested. Baked egg is. I think I’ll crack the required two eggs on a paper plate and throw it away. No cross contamination please!

I’m praying her little body will tolerate the baked in egg. It’s cupcakes.

So these are my random jumbled thoughts as I prepare to haul my tired self off the couch and bake with eggs for the first time in almost two years!!

Will you please join me in praying for my little baby? Her food challenge is tomorrow, Thursday at 8:45 CT.

I’m praying for the best. I’ll be sure to let y’all know the results.

Thanks, friend.

Grocery Shopping: A Few of my Favorite Brands

Snow is on the horizon for the next few days. When it finally stops snowing, the following days are predicted to have highs below zero. I figured today was the day to go stock up on some groceries.

We have a great grocery store (HyVee) with a newly expanded Health Market. The lady who runs the Health Market is amazing and often carries products just because I ask for them! Just this week, I asked my HyVee if they would carry Just Mayo. It’s a vegan mayonnaise. Just today I already found out the answer- YES! If your grocery store doesn’t carry the brands or products you want, ask and see if they can bring them in for you.

I peeked into my cart and thought I should take a photo and share. I am very thankful for HyVee, Silk, Daiya, Van’s Natural Foods, and other companies that provide safe foods for us.


(Yes, that is an empty GoGo Squeez in the corner of my grocery cart. That is my go to healthy snack for SG to eat while I shop. We love GoGo Squeez!)

(Yes, again, those are used baby wipes under the GoGo Squeez. You food allergy parents know we must wipe EVERYTHING in the cart down, at least once, if not twice!)

We are ready for the snow!

We are ready for the snow!

What are some of your favorite food allergy brands? While we love many more (Earth Balance, Enjoy Life, etc.) these are the brands that happened to be in my grocery cart today. Please share some of your favorite brands.

Disclaimer: I have not been paid by any of these brands or received any type of compensation. I just love these brands and want other food allergy parents to know what safe foods are out there. I really struggled when SG was first diagnosed with dairy and egg allergies. I want to help others if I can. 🙂

Pantry Reveal: Before & After!

I showed my “pantry” a few posts back when I wrote another “The Freezer is My Best Friend” post. Click this link to see a close up of the hot mess pantry!

I’ll save you some trouble though. Here’s what our old “pantry” looked like from afar. (It was worse close up!).  I can’t believe I even showed this photo and the other one from the link above.



There was no pantry. We downsized our house and were used to a huge pantry. I had nowhere to put our food so we threw some random bookshelves together and began a hunt for a solution.

In the end, we decided to continue the kitchen cabinets into the current “pantry” area. We gave up a little square footage but gained a ton of storage!

Here’s the after! Ta-da!!!

What a difference!

What a difference!

We love our new pantry.  One space organized, many more to go!

Sunbutter “Nutella”: Dairy & Egg Free


When we went completely dairy and egg free in our house, I started reading labels galore on tons of products at the grocery store. Nutella was one of the grocery items that did not make the cut. Not safe.

Then I discovered a recipe from Click here to read the original recipe. I made a few changes from the original recipe by using Sunbutter instead of roasting and pureeing sunflower seeds. I also added Silk Dark Chocolate Almondmilk (use chocolate soymilk to make it nut free) instead of plain non-dairy milk. Who doesn’t love more chocolate?

Here’s my version.

Easy Sunbutter Nutella

(adapted from

3/4 cup Sunbutter (or any other nut or soy butter)
3-4 oz Chocolate almondmilk (Use chocolate soymilk to make it nut free.)
1.5 Tbsp Vanilla
1/8 cup Cocoa powder
1/2 small spoon Coconut oil (I used our regular spoon, not a measuring spoon.)
3 oz Maple syrup or honey (I’ve made this twice. I’ve used both sweeteners. Both are good!)


1. Put everything in a small food processor.

2. Grind or blend until smooth and it’s a spreadable consistency like the store bought Nutella.


3. Put in an airtight container, date the container, and store in the fridge. According to the Momables post, this stays good up to 30 days in the fridge.


This is easy to make. The hardest part is the clean up because honey and sunbutter are so sticky.

Make this and your kiddos will love you. SG ate this on a slice of safe bread and kept making wild happy sounds. She LOVED it.

Lazy Day Smoothies: Dairy & Egg Free


I love this super easy (okay, lazy) way to make a smoothie. It only has two ingredients. You dump, pour, and stir with a spoon. So easy, even your toddler can make it!!!

Lazy Day Smoothie:

Dairy Free Yogurt (We use Silk and SO Delicious.)
Orange Juice

1. Dump yogurt into a glass.
2. Pour a little orange juice in. Eyeball it. Start with a few splashes and add more after you stir if you like it thinner.

(I told ya a toddler can make it!) 🙂

That’s it. Drink and enjoy, friends!

(If you are not dairy free, use regular yogurt.)