Lazy Day Smoothies: Dairy & Egg Free


I love this super easy (okay, lazy) way to make a smoothie. It only has two ingredients. You dump, pour, and stir with a spoon. So easy, even your toddler can make it!!!

Lazy Day Smoothie:

Dairy Free Yogurt (We use Silk and SO Delicious.)
Orange Juice

1. Dump yogurt into a glass.
2. Pour a little orange juice in. Eyeball it. Start with a few splashes and add more after you stir if you like it thinner.

(I told ya a toddler can make it!) đŸ™‚

That’s it. Drink and enjoy, friends!

(If you are not dairy free, use regular yogurt.)

One thought on “Lazy Day Smoothies: Dairy & Egg Free

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