Pantry Reveal: Before & After!

I showed my “pantry” a few posts back when I wrote another “The Freezer is My Best Friend” post. Click this link to see a close up of the hot mess pantry!

I’ll save you some trouble though. Here’s what our old “pantry” looked like from afar. (It was worse close up!).  I can’t believe I even showed this photo and the other one from the link above.



There was no pantry. We downsized our house and were used to a huge pantry. I had nowhere to put our food so we threw some random bookshelves together and began a hunt for a solution.

In the end, we decided to continue the kitchen cabinets into the current “pantry” area. We gave up a little square footage but gained a ton of storage!

Here’s the after! Ta-da!!!

What a difference!

What a difference!

We love our new pantry.  One space organized, many more to go!

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