Vacationing with Food Allergies: 5 Practical Tips to a Relaxing Trip

There is a lot of preparation for vacation in our house. In addition to our “Vacation Tub”, here are a few more things we do.

1. Be prepared to clean. We clean the hotel or rental condo even though it is already clean. If you visit family and depending on the relationship, the family can clean for you or you can help. My parents always scrub their home and fridge for us.

2. Be prepared to cook most meals. Breakfasts can be the easiest no cook meal of the day. I’ve found some “safe” ready made foods and breakfast is taken care of. I do make muffins and pancakes on vacation. To make it easier, I prepare the dry muffin mix or pancake mix at home. When on vacation, I add the wet ingredients and save time and have a safe and homemade breakfast.

Write ingredients & directions on the bag. This is my "pancake basket."

Write ingredients & directions on the bag. This is my “pancake basket.”

3. Pack the slow cooker. When I’m on vacation, the last thing I want to do is slave over a hot stove. I prepare the spices needed for dinners in advance in little plastic containers and label them and pack them. Anything I can do to make vacation easier, I do! If meals are planned in advance, dinner can be in the slow cooker before we hit the beach, the shops, the pool, or the amusement park.

4. Pack lots of baby wipes. When we went to Disney World, I wiped everything- including every ride! I wiped our hands after every ride, too. I have found tons of other uses for baby wipes while on vacation.

5. Go online and check out the town before booking the vacation. We always make sure a hospital is close by. We check out the grocery stores online. We have lots of specialty brands we rely on. We would rather drag our safe yogurts across the United States in our cooler than go without them. Don’t be afraid to call a grocery store in the area you want to visit and ask them if they carry certain brands. Be specific. “Do you carry Whole Soy yogurts?”

With a little planning and a lot of work, food allergy families can enjoy a relaxing vacation. Cheers to a fun and safe summer!

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