My Grown Up Journal

In my last post, I mentioned I’m becoming a student of my daughter.

My cousin suggested keeping a reflection journal for homeschool.

I tried it because I had recently purchased this beautiful notebook from TJ Maxx for absolutely no reason other than it was pretty.


I wanted to use my pretty notebook!

So, I started to write and reflect.

Can I tell you something?

It has been amazing!

It has helped me focus on what worked and didn’t work each day. I try to write every night, although that doesn’t always happen.

I like to write about the highlights and the things that didn’t work. Like coloring. I’ve learned that my daughter doesn’t like to color in the pictures in her workbooks. We had an unpleasant time when I made her color the pic in her workbook. I mean, come on! It’s coloring! 🙂 Who doesn’t like to color?

My daughter.

In reflection, I decided if she doesn’t want to color the picture, she can just leave it blank. Really, does it matter? The next day, she had another “Color this camel” page. I calmly asked her to color just one thing, to see if she would color one small thing without complaining. If she complained, I’d just let it go, because, really, that’s a minor thing. She chose the smallest picture- a sun. She happily colored it and then we moved on. Victory!

I also noticed if she is asked to draw something, she happily draws a picture and will work on it for a long amount of time. And she’s very proud of her drawings.

The verdict? I’m not going to force her to color a picture and argue with her about coloring. Not worth the effort. If she wants to draw a picture or just skip the coloring, I’m okay with it. There are bigger worries in life. And the coloring doesn’t affect her learning.

Blurred Journal

My journal- blurred out for privacy!

I don’t think I would have even thought about this if I didn’t sit down at the end of each homeschool day and put my thoughts on paper.

I haven’t journaled in years, but I’m loving it!!!

What about you, my friend?

Do you journal? Do you homeschool? Do you journal about your homeschool day? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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