Our Food Allergies

Here is what we are allergic to and/or have sensitives to:

SG, my precious daughter: Allergic to cow’s milk, beef, eggs and pork gelatin  (A test this week showed a negative blood test to pork gelatin!!! Everything else remains as it was.  We’ll take it!!)

The Huzz: Lactose intolerant, sensitive to corn

Me: Allergic to kiwi, cinnamon sensitivity, and nickel (no canned foods!)


2 thoughts on “Our Food Allergies

  1. Hi! My 8 month old son was recently diagnosed with a sever egg and milk allergy. It has been a huge adjustment for us. It felt like we would never be able to eat “normal” food again. Your menu plans have been eye opening to me. Thank you SO much for sharing


    • You’re welcome Jamie. I’m so glad my menu plans have been a help. Food allergies are certainly life changing, aren’t they? The adjustment period is very hard but you will find a new groove. It just takes time and practice. 🙂 Feel free to ask any questions. I will try to answer the best I can. We food allergy mamas are in this together!

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