Getting it Together

imageBefore SG, I was quite the homemaker. Then came my long awaited pregnancy and it all came to a crashing halt. Then adjusting to life with a baby…well, that adjustment period lasted almost two years!

I feel like only in the past few months have I really gotten my groove back. I’m finding a new groove- a new me. And I like her!

I’m finally figuring out how to keep the house tidy, have a happy child (somewhat, she’s 2!!!), and get dinner on the table (dairy and egg free) almost every night! Let me tell you my biggest discovery, which I’ve already written about once before (click here┬áto read it.) My FREEZER! Y’all, it has changed my life!!!

I’m serious. I have realized I do things in spurts. Some days I’m the amazing super wife and super mommy and sometimes I’m a giant blob who barely moves. (Or only shops and avoids cooking and cleaning. Did I really just admit that???)

When I’m hot, I’m hot! If chicken is on sale, I won’t buy just one package. Instead, I get excited about saving money and I’ll buy 5-10 packages and have a chicken mini-freezer marathon. The same thing with beef.

I spend my evenings (after SG goes to bed) perusing the internet for new recipes to make and freeze. I just love freezer cooking.

As for tidying the house, I try to vacuum at least every other day, fold the laundry mmmm… a few days after it’s clean… then put it up a few days later… Okay, so that part is not yet perfected. But I’m getting there! I actually ironed some clothes for the Huzz this week- the first time in a year!

Even the Huzz said he feels like he has his old wife back. Yay!

While I’m not perfect and please hear this- I’m not saying I’ll ever be- I am getting it together.

What about you? How do you manage things? Do you love your freezer? Do you have any tried and true freezer recipes to share with me?