Getting out of the Lunch Sandwich Rut: Easy Spinach & Steak Salad


Lately, the Huzz and I have been discussing ways to make our diet healthier. I cook a lot from scratch, but we have discovered more and more processed convenient foods that we never knew were safe for us! This has led to our enjoyment of processed foods again… maybe a little too much. Don’t get me wrong- I don’t think suckers and Oreos are evil. I’m SO happy my little one can eat some “safe and normal” treats. But I have been thinking about ways to make our diet healthier.

Today I found organic, grass fed sirloin steaks on SALE! I thought back to our conversations, and decided to attempt some sort of a steak salad for lunch, as we had bought some fresh spinach last night.

Here’s what I did. And it was SO good. I mean, good as in my toddler gobbled it up and kept exclaiming, “I LOVE steak salad!!!”

Easy Spinach & Steak Salad
1 Steak of your choice (and olive oil, soy sauce, and seasonings for the steak)
4 large strawberries
Enough fresh spinach leaves for you and your toddler (or whoever is eating!)
Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing, Bright and Rustic

1. Season steak. I used soy sauce, garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, salt, powdered ginger, and Adobo.
2. Heat pan with just enough olive oil to cook steak (I’m guessing I used a teaspoon.)
3. Cook steak to desired doneness.
4. While the steak is cooking, prepare the spinach leaves and strawberries. Put in bowl.
5. Cut up steak. Mix steak in with salad. Toss with a small amount of Zesty Italian dressing.

Side note: I mixed in SG’s steak in her salad. I personally like to leave my steak on a separate plate because I like the flavor of the steak and don’t want it get lost in the Italian dressing. I still use the Italian dressing on my salad, if that makes sense. My sister suggested sliced almonds as an addition to the salad. Do whatever floats your boat!

Here’s the pic of SG’s little salad I snapped at the last minute. As she kept exclaiming she loved steak salad I decided this was blog worthy. Not the most beautiful photo, but hey, who cares? She ate a healthy lunch and LOVED it. That’s what counts!


I had to include this one because her precious little hand made it into the photo.

Happy eating, friends!